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Evolution of protein phosphorylation across 18 fungal species

Romain A. Studer, Ricard A. Rodriguez-Mias, Kelsey M. Haas, Joanne I. Hsu, Cristina Viéitez, Carme Solé, Danielle L. Swaney, Lindsay B. Stanford, Ivan Liachko, René Böttcher, Maitreya J. Dunham, Eulàlia de Nadal, Francesc Posas, Pedro Beltrao, Judit Villén

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Table S2
Phosphosites identified by mass spectrometry. A total of 88,210 phosphosites were identified in 18 fungal species (1% FDR filtering at PSM level). Of these, 73,340 were localized at >95% confidence (Ascore >=13) and used in this study. Non-localized sites were assigned a sequence region where localization was ambiguous. When multiple non-localized sites were assigned to overlapping regions, only one site was listed For each site we show the peptide identification with the highest Ascore value, and the corresponding identification scores from Sequest, as well as the number of total PSMs for the site.
Table S3
Phosphosite age estimations.