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A key malaria metabolite modulates vector blood seeking, feeding, and susceptibility to infection

S. Noushin Emami, Bo G. Lindberg, Susanna Hua, Sharon Hill, Raimondas Mozuraitis, Philipp Lehmann, Göran Birgersson, Anna-Karin Borg-Karlson, Rickard Ignell, Ingrid Faye

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Table S1
List of genes significantly up- or downregulated at least 1.5-fold at 1, 3, 6 and 24 hours post ingestion of HMBPP-supplemented RBCs versus control RBCs.
Table S2
Effect of HMBPP on A. gambiae s.l. endopeptidase gene regulation.
Table S3
Effect of HMBPP on A. gambiae s.l. immune gene regulation.