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A switch from canonical to noncanonical autophagy shapes B cell responses

Nuria Martinez-Martin, Paula Maldonado, Francesca Gasparrini, Bruno Frederico, Shweta Aggarwal, Mauro Gaya, Carlson Tsui, Marianne Burbage, Selina Jessica Keppler, Beatriz Montaner, Harold B.J. Jefferies, Usha Nair, Yan G. Zhao, Marie-Charlotte Domart, Lucy Collinson, Andreas Bruckbauer, Sharon A. Tooze, Facundo D. Batista

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Images, Video, and Other Media

Movie S1
Atg9 is recruited to the plasma membrane.
Movie S2
WIPI2 is not recruited to the plasma membrane.
Movie S3
GFP- Atg16L is not recruited to the plasma membrane
Movie S4
GFP- LC3 is not recruited to the plasma membrane.
Movie S5
Internalized antigen is present in ring-like structures co-localizing with Atg16L1.
Movie S6
WIPI2 is recruited to antigen-containing ring-like structures.
Movie S7
Antigen present in ring-like structures.
Movie S8
Atg16L1 KO cells presents antigen in ring-like structures.
Movie S9
Antigen-containing rings co-localize with GFP-LC3 and contain a variety of lipids and vesicular structures.