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Tough adhesives for diverse wet surfaces

J. Li, A. D. Celiz, J. Yang, Q. Yang, I. Wamala, W. Whyte, B. R. Seo, N. V. Vasilyev, J. J. Vlassak, Z. Suo, D. J. Mooney

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Images, Video, and Other Media

Movie S1
3D construct of tough adhesive (TA). TA consists of an adhesive surface containing FITC-chitosan in which fluorescent microspheres of 500nm diameter were immobilized.
Movie S2
<Peeling test of TA adherent on porcine skin. TA was applied on a piece of porcine skin that was first covered with blood, followed by 180-degree peeling test.
Movie S3
In vivo adhesion test. A ribbon of TA was applied to a beating porcine heart, followed by a peeling test in vivo.
Movie S4
Attachment of TA on skin. Two pieces of TA were applied to the epidermis of mice, and the adhesion was inspected as the animal moved.
Movie S5
TA sealant under static and cyclic deformation. A piece of TA was used to seal a defect on a porcine heart, and prevented leakage during thousands cycles of heart inflation-deflation.
Movie S6
Burst pressure test of TA sealant. TA with and without a plastic backing film were attached onto myocardium tissues and subject to pressurized saline till a burst occurred.