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Single-cell methylomes identify neuronal subtypes and regulatory elements in mammalian cortex

Chongyuan Luo, Christopher L. Keown, Laurie Kurihara, Jingtian Zhou, Yupeng He, Junhao Li, Rosa Castanon, Jacinta Lucero, Joseph R. Nery, Justin P. Sandoval, Brian Bui, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Timothy T. Harkins, Eran A. Mukamel, M. Margarita Behrens, Joseph R. Ecker

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Table S1
Metadata of mouse single neuron methylomes (separate file)
Table S2
Metadata of human single neuron methylomes (separate file)
Table S3
Marker genes for human and mouse clusters (separate file)
Table S4
Genes showing layer-specific mCH in inhibitory neuron populations (separate file)
Table S5
List of mouse CG-DMRs (separate file)
Table S6
List of human CG-DMRs (separate file)
Table S7
List of mouse large CG-DMRs (separate file)
Table S8
List of human large CG-DMRs (separate file)