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A cargo-sorting DNA robot

Anupama J. Thubagere, Wei Li, Robert F. Johnson, Zibo Chen, Shayan Doroudi, Yae Lim Lee, Gregory Izatt, Sarah Wittman, Niranjan Srinivas, Damien Woods, Erik Winfree, Lulu Qian

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Correction (22 September 2017): The following revisions and clarifications have been made: (i) The Materials and Methods section has been removed, as it was an exact duplicate of the Materials and Methods in the main text. (ii) A new section, "Additional notes on simulations," has been added. This new section clarifies that in the cargo-sorting experiments, each of the six cargo initial locations could have either a cargo1 or a cargo2. For exposition, a canonical example order of cargos in all initial state diagrams is shown, but it should be understood that other initial cargo arrangements are possible. The implications of this understanding on simulations when compared with experimental data are further discussed. (iii) Missing axis labels in Fig. S3B have been added.
The original version is accessible here.