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A global atlas of the dominant bacteria found in soil

Manuel Delgado-Baquerizo, Angela M. Oliverio, Tess E. Brewer, Alberto Benavent-GonzĂ­lez, David J. Eldridge, Richard D. Bardgett, Fernando T. Maestre, Brajesh K. Singh, Noah Fierer

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Table S1
List of identified dominant bacterial phylotypes from soils across the globe. This list contains information on the taxonomic identity of each phylotype, the ecological cluster it was assigned to, and the most closely related reference genome, cultivated strain and isolate.
Correction (31 January 2018):
  1. In Table S1, a minor typographical error in two of the reference sequences was corrected. The errors did not affect the validity of information for these two sequences.
  2. Reference 22 has been corrected.
The original PDF is accessible here and the original table is accessible here.