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Diurnal transcriptome atlas of a primate across major neural and peripheral tissues

Ludovic S. Mure, Hiep D. Le, Giorgia Benegiamo, Max W. Chang, Luis Rios, Ngalla Jillani, Maina Ngotho, Thomas Kariuki, Ouria Dkhissi-Benyahya, Howard M. Cooper, Satchidananda Panda

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Tables S1 to S12
Table S1: Tissues nomenclature and number of expressed genes
Table S2: Mapping Statistics
Table S3: KEGG annotations of UEGs
Table S4: Lists of genes expressed at least in one tissue and in all tissues (UEGs)
Table S5: 100 Top expressed genes by tissue
Table S6: List of cycling genes in each tissue
Table S7: Expressed and cycling genes overlaps tissue by tissue
Table S8: List of all cycling genes
Table S9: List of non-cycling UEGs
Table S10: List of genes cycling in more than 20 tissues
Table S11: Phases of the Core Clock Genes across tissues
Table S12: List of FDA approved drug targets cycling

Additional Data

Database S1
Baboon meta2d statistics
Database S2
Mouse meta2d statistics