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Locally translated mTOR controls axonal local translation in nerve injury

Marco Terenzio, Sandip Koley, Nitzan Samra, Ida Rishal, Qian Zhao, Pabitra K. Sahoo, Anatoly Urisman, Letizia Marvaldi, Juan A. Oses-Prieto, Craig Forester, Cynthia Gomes, Ashley L. Kalinski, Agostina Di Pizio, Ella Doron-Mandel, Rotem Ben-Tov Perry, Indrek Koppel, Jeffery L. Twiss, Alma L. Burlingame, Mike Fainzilber

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Table S1
Quantitation of phosphorylation changes in mTOR effector proteins by PRM. The peptides sequences, phosphosite positions, and quantitation statistics in 3 biological replicates are reported for all detected peptides.
Table S2
Candidates from 2 mass spectrometry runs for clicked OPP-labelled polypeptides translated in the SN nerve after injury. For each candidate intensity values of the identified peptides are reported for three conditions analyzed, SNs not incubated with OPP (noOPP), SNs incubated with OPP (OPP), and SNs pre-incubated with torin-1 before OPP (Torin-1). OPP hits were ranked by (intensity OPP - intensity noOPP)/intensity OPP. Torin-1 hits were ranked in relation to the OPP sample by (intensity OPP - intensity torin-1)/intensity OPP.