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Phylogenomics reveals multiple losses of nitrogen-fixing root nodule symbiosis

Maximilian Griesmann, Yue Chang, Xin Liu, Yue Song, Georg Haberer, Matthew B. Crook, Benjamin Billault-Penneteau, Dominique Lauressergues, Jean Keller, Leandro Imanishi, Yuda Purwana Roswanjaya, Wouter Kohlen, Petar Pujic, Kai Battenberg, Nicole Alloisio, Yuhu Liang, Henk Hilhorst, Marco G. Salgado, Valerie Hocher, Hassen Gherbi, Sergio Svistoonoff, Jeff J. Doyle, Shixu He, Yan Xu, Shanyun Xu, Jing Qu, Qiang Gao, Xiaodong Fang, Yuan Fu, Philippe Normand, Alison M. Berry, Luis G. Wall, Jean-Michel Ané, Katharina Pawlowski, Xun Xu, Huanming Yang, Manuel Spannagl, Klaus F. X. Mayer, Gane Ka-Shu Wong, Martin Parniske, Pierre-Marc Delaux, Shifeng Cheng

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Data S1
Sequences used for the phylogenies presented in Fig. S4, S6–S25.
Data S2
List of the plant species used for DNA and RNA extraction in this study. Repository and accession numbers are indicated.