Supplementary Materials

Imaging CF3I conical intersection and photodissociation dynamics with ultrafast electron diffraction

Jie Yang, Xiaolei Zhu, Thomas J. A. Wolf, Zheng Li, J. Pedro F. Nunes, Ryan Coffee, James P. Cryan, Markus Gühr, Kareem Hegazy, Tony F. Heinz, Keith Jobe, Renkai Li,
Xiaozhe Shen, Theodore Veccione, Stephen Weathersby, Kyle J. Wilkin, Charles Yoneda, Qiang Zheng, Todd J. Martinez, Martin Centurion, Xijie Wang

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Movie S1
This movie shows the structural response of CF3 group during dissociation, and is made with data shown in Table S1, or Fig. 4D in the main text. The motion is presented in the rest frame of the carbon atom. The left-hand side gives a ball-and-stick model of the molecule, and the righthand side shows a zoom-in view of the trajectory of one of the fluorine atoms. C-F bond length and F-C-F bond angle are displayed in the bottom right.