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Pathogen blockade of TAK1 triggers caspase-8–dependent cleavage of gasdermin D and cell death

Pontus Orning, Dan Weng, Kristian Starheim, Dmitry Ratner, Zachary Best, Bettina Lee, Alexandria Brooks, Shiyu Xia, Hao Wu, Michelle A. Kelliher, Scott B. Berger, Peter J. Gough, John Bertin, Megan M. Proulx, Jon D. Goguen, Nobuhiko Kayagaki, Katherine A. Fitzgerald, Egil Lien

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Figs. S1 to S7
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  • References
Correction (8 November 2018): Figure S2D has been replaced since First Release because the original panel repeated some of the data used for Fig. 2G. The panel has now been replaced with data from a different experiment showing the same type of response.
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