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Root branching toward water involves posttranslational modification of transcription factor ARF7

Beatriz Orosa-Puente, Nicola Leftley, Daniel von Wangenheim, Jason Banda, Anjil K. Srivastava, Kristine Hill, Jekaterina Truskina, Rahul Bhosale, Emily Morris, Moumita Srivastava, Britta Kümpers, Tatsuaki Goh, Hidehiro Fukaki, Joop E. M. Vermeer, Teva Vernoux, José R. Dinneny, Andrew P. French, Anthony Bishopp, Ari Sadanandom, Malcolm J. Bennett

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Movie S1
Light sheet fluorescence microscopy recording of a seven days old Arabidopsis thaliana root expressing LBD16::LBD16-GFP. Maximum intensity projections of image stacks were generated from a time series with an imaging interval of 15 min.