Supplementary Materials

Problem-solving males become more attractive to female budgerigars

Jiani Chen, Yuqi Zou, Yue-Hua Sun, Carel ten Cate

Materials/Methods, Supplementary Text, Tables, Figures, and/or References

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Figs. S1 to S4
  • Tables S1 to S5
  • Captions for Movies S1 and S2
  • Captions for Data S1 to S4
  • References
Data S1
The file contains raw video coding data from a rater that was blind to the hypothesis being tested and the experimental setup.
Data S2
The file contains raw video coding data from a second rater that was not blinded to the hypothesis.
Data S3
This file contains raw data of morphological characters of the Preferred and Less-Preferred individuals.
Data S4
This file contains the R codes used for data analysis.

Images, Video, and Other Media

Movie S1
This file illustrates the Preference Test. The movie (in 10 times of the original speed) shows the focal female shuttled between different compartments in the preference cage and stayed in the proximity of the two males.
Movie S2
This file illustrates the Observing phase. The movie shows that females observed the males operating the problem boxes in the problem-solving group and females observed an eating male or a non-eating male in the control group. During the observation period, the female could only see one male, an opaque screen separated the female from the other male.