Supplementary Materials

Volumetric additive manufacturing via tomographic reconstruction

Brett E. Kelly, Indrasen Bhattacharya, Hossein Heidari, Maxim Shusteff, Christopher M. Spadaccini, Hayden K. Taylor

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Images, Video, and Other Media

Movie S1
Thinker print
This video shows the Thinker' geometry of Fig. 1C-E. Projected images enter the vial from left to right across the video frames. The three-dimensional thinker object emerges within the rotating resin volume. Time since the onset of exposure as well as the rate of video speed up relative to real time are shown in the video frames at all times.
Movie S2
Thinker projection output frames
Computed two-dimensional patterned intensity images as output by the optical projection system during the 'Thinker' print. Frames are updated temporally and synced to the rotation rate of the photosensitive material volume.
Movie S3
Screwdriver overprint
Demonstration of the overprinting capability of CAL. A screwdriver handle is printed onto a mass-manufactured metal screwdriver blade.
Movie S4
Ball-in-a-cage print
This video shows the "ball-in-a-cage" geometry of Fig. 2E,F. As in Movie S1, projected images enter the vial from left to right across the video frames. Again, current exposure time and speed up rate are shown in the video frames at all times. A disconnected geometry emerges in the volume and is printed without sacrificial support structures.
Movie S5
Visualization of resin viscosity
This video shows two vials of BPAGDA/PEGDA resin mixture, one in the ratio 3:1 (left) and the other 7:1 (right). The vials are rotated by 90 degrees at room temperature and the subsequent flow under gravity is shown. The 7:1 mixture flows at a much slower rate, providing an intuitive sense of the properties of the materials in which CAL has been demonstrated.