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Arc-continent collisions in the tropics set Earth's climate statem

Francis A. Macdonald, Nicholas L. Swanson-Hysell, Yuem Park, Lorraine Lisiecki, Oliver Jagoutz

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Movie S1
Five-million year snapshots of paleogeographic reconstruction of active sutures from 520 Ma to present. Continental outlines shown are the tectonic units of Torsvik and Cocks (30). Green band is 15° above and below the equator. Blue shade is ice-extent from database (Table S3). For simplicity and visualization ice-extent is shown as uniform along a given longitude, where in reality there were regional differences. Methods described in Materials and Methods section.
Correction (3 May 2019):The units of the area columns in table S2 have been corrected to Mm2.
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