Supplementary Materials

Unbiased detection of CRISPR off-targets in vivo using DISCOVER-Seq

Beeke Wienert, Stacia K. Wyman, Christopher D. Richardson, Charles D. Yeh, Pinar Akcakaya, Michelle J. Porritt, Michaela Morlock, Jonathan T. Vu, Katelynn R. Kazane, Hannah L. Watry, Luke M. Judge, Bruce R. Conklin, Marcello Maresca, Jacob E. Corn

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  • Materials and Methods 
  • Figs. S1 to S12 
  • Table S6 
  • Captions for Data Tables S1 to S5, S7, and S8 
  • References 
Table S1
Indels and DISCOVER scores VEGFA, RNF2, HBB guides in K562s
Table S2
Indels and DISCOVER scores gP, gM and gP+G guides in B16-F10 cells
Table S3
GUIDE-Seq results
Table S4
Indels and DISCOVER scores HSPB1 guides in iPSCs
Table S5
Indels and DISCOVER scores in mouse tissues
Table S7
Guide sequences and qPCR primers
Table S8
Amplicon-NGS and Sanger sequencing primers