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Impact-resistant nacre-like transparent materials

Z. Yin, F. Hannard, F. Barthelat

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Movie S1
Bending tests of plain laminated beam and nacre-like glass beam. The beams were loaded in a four-point bending condition at a rate of 10 μm/s. The nacre-like beam had a tablet size L = 1 mm and showed distributed deformation with tablet sliding while the plain laminated beam failed with brittle glass fracture.
Movie S2
Puncture tests of nacre-like glass panels. The nacre-like panels showed a large volume of tablet sliding for both [5A] and [1P4A] layer configuration. The front plain layer in the [1P4A] configuration improved the stiffness and strength of [5A] configuration without compromising the tablet sliding mechanism. L=1.5 mm was identified as the optimal tablet size.
Movie S3
Impact tests of nacre-like glass panels and other types of transparent materials. All specimens were impacted by a 0.5 kg weight at the same speed of 2.13 m/s. At this impact energy, the nacre-like panels with the [2P8A] configuration were not punctured through. The nacre-like panel showed distributed deformation while other materials including PMMA, tempered soda-lime glass and borosilicate glass showed brittle and catastrophic failure.