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Generation of extreme-ultraviolet beams with time-varying orbital angular momentum

Laura Rego, Kevin M. Dorney, Nathan J. Brooks, Quynh L. Nguyen, Chen-Ting Liao, Julio San Román, David E. Couch, Allison Liu, Emilio Pisanty, Maciej Lewenstein, Luis Plaja, Henry C. Kapteyn, Margaret M. Murnane, Carlos Hernández-García

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Movie S1
Amplitude, Phase, and Intensity Evolution of the Reconstructed, Complex Beam Amplitudes for the Individual OAM Beams and Their Superposition
Reconstructed amplitude (top row), phase (middle row), and intensity (bottom row) of the individual (l1; left-column, l2 middle-column) and combined (l1 + l2 right-column) IR, LG driving beams, numerically propagated over the full Rayleigh range of each beam. The reconstructed beams exhibit a high degree of LG modal purity, which confirms the high-quality of the beams for driving the HHG process.