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Hippocampal sharp-wave ripples linked to visual episodic recollection in humans

Yitzhak Norman, Erin M. Yeagle, Simon Khuvis, Michal Harel, Ashesh D. Mehta, Rafael Malach

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Images, Video, and Other Media

Movie S1
Examples of hippocampal ripples elicited during free recall in three patients. In the video you can hear the verbal report of the patients during spontaneous recall events, and see the simultaneous changes in ripple band amplitude (70-180 Hz) along with the detected SWR events (marked by yellow triangles and accompanied by a brief sound). These examples demonstrate the rich visual content emerging during recall, and the transient increase in ripple rate that precedes the verbal reports of the freely recalled images (accompanying fig. 2).

Some of the images shown to patients are protected by copyright. In the video we replaced these images by similar substitutes or illustrations. Photo of the White House by Chuck Kennedy (an official White House photo); photo of the Golden Gate Bridge courtesy of Nicolas Raymond; photo of the Eiffel Tower courtesy of Joe Parks. These pictures are all published under a Creative Commons license. The illustrations are based on screenshots from The Wolf of Wall Street, Paramount Pictures (2013); Pulp Fiction, Miramax Films (1994); and the TV show Friends, CBS Interactive Inc. (1994-2004).