Supplementary Materials

Evolutionary flexibility in flooding response circuitry in angiosperms

Mauricio A. Reynoso, Kaisa Kajala, Marko Bajic, Donnelly A. West, Germain Pauluzzi, Andrew I. Yao, Kathryn Hatch, Kristina Zumstein, Margaret Woodhouse, Joel Rodriguez-Medina, Neelima Sinha, Siobhan M. Brady, Roger B. Deal, Julia Bailey-Serres

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Figs. S1 to S34
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Data S1
ATAC and RNA-sequencing data statistics.
Data S2
Correlation values for RNA populations evaluated.
Data S3
Tabulation of differentially regulated genes and the cluster analysis.
Data S4
List of genes analyzed and assigned to a family.
Data S5
Overlap of submergence-regulated gene families.
Data S6
Submergence upregulated families in roots and Solanum shoots.
Data S7
Solanum and Arabidopsis shoot and root contrast analysis.
Data S8
Transposase Hypersensitive Site (THS) analysis.
Data S9
Enrichment of transcription factor motifs in conserved SURF gene promoters.
Data S10
Transposase Hypersensitive Site (THS) and Transcription factor (TF) motif cooccurrence analysis.
Data S11
Clustering of submergence-regulated syntenic genes.
Data S12
Syntenic genes used in the analysis.
Data S13
Analysis of gene activity of syntenic genes.
Data S14
Comparison of gene activity of syntenic and non-syntenic genes.
Data S15
Submergence upregulated family (SURF) genes with high activity under submergence.
Data S16
Gene and transcription factor motif network analysis.
Data S17
Data S18
List of qPCR primers.