Supplementary Materials

Spatiotemporal expansion of primary progenitor zones in the developing human cerebellum

Parthiv Haldipur, Kimberly A. Aldinger, Silvia Bernardo, Mei Deng, Andrew E. Timms, Lynne M. Overman, Conrad Winter, Steven N. Lisgo, Ferechte Razavi, Evelina Silvestri, Lucia Manganaro, Homa Adle-Biassette, Fabien Guimiot, Rosa Russo, Debora Kidron, Patrick R. Hof, Dianne Gerrelli, Susan J. Lindsay, William B. Dobyns, Ian A. Glass, Paula Alexandre, Kathleen J. Millen

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Data S1 to S4
Correction (6 December 2019): In the "Immunohistochemistry" section of the Materials and Methods, the catalog information for the TB42 antibody has been corrected.
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