Supplementary Materials

A broadly applicable cross-linker for aliphatic polymers containing C—H bonds

Mathieu L. Lepage, Chakravarthi Simhadri, Chang Liu, Mahdi Takaffoli, Liting Bi, Bryn Crawford, Abbas S. Milani, Jeremy E. Wulff

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Images, Video, and Other Media

Movie S1
Compound 3 (10 mg) was placed in a 10-mL round-bottom flask and heated with a heat gun. As the material reaches its activation temperature, one can successively observe: (i) bubbles indicating the beginning of nitrogen gas evolution; (ii) yellow coloration resulting from transient and/or conjugated species; (iii) rapid gas evolution without detonation, spark, flame or breakage of the glassware.
Movie S2
Compound 3 (10 mg) in its liquid form was adsorbed on a piece of filter paper. The material was hit by a hammer without causing detonation, spark, flame or fumes.
Movie S3
Two vials containing either photochemically crosslinked PDMS (A) or regular PDMS (B) were flipped to demonstrate the gel state of the crosslinked PDMS by comparison with regular liquid PDMS.