Supplementary Materials

Design of an in vitro biocatalytic cascade for the manufacture of islatravir

Mark A. Huffman, Anna Fryszkowska, Oscar Alvizo, Margie Borra-Garske, Kevin R. Campos, Keith A. Canada, Paul N. Devine, Da Duan, Jacob H. Forstater, Shane T. Grosser, Holst M. Halsey, Gregory J. Hughes, Junyong Jo, Leo A. Joyce, Joshua N. Kolev, Jack Liang, Kevin M. Maloney, Benjamin F. Mann, Nicholas M. Marshall, Mark McLaughlin, Jeffrey C. Moore, Grant S. Murphy, Christopher C. Nawrat, Jovana Nazor, Scott Novick, Niki R. Patel, Agustina Rodriguez-Granillo, Sandra A. Robaire, Edward C. Sherer, Matthew D. Truppo, Aaron M. Whittaker, Deeptak Verma, Li Xiao, Yingju Xu, Hao Yang

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  • Materials and Methods¬†
  • Figs. S1 to S28
  • Tables S1 to S15
  • Schemes S1 to S81
  • DNA and amino acid sequences of the enzymes
  • NMR Spectra
  • HS-MS Spectra
  • References¬†