Supplementary Materials

Magma reservoir failure and the onset of caldera collapse at Kīlauea Volcano in 2018

Kyle R. Anderson, Ingrid A. Johanson, Matthew R. Patrick, Mengyang Gu, Paul Segall, Michael P. Poland, Emily K. Montgomery-Brown, Asta Miklius

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Images, Video, and Other Media

Movie S1
Time-lapse movie of thermal camera images (82) showing Kīlauea's lava lake from 25 April to 9 May, 2018. Overflows from the lava lake are visible in late April, followed by draining. The lake’s surface withdrew by ~300 m, over much of this time at a near-constant rate of 53 m/d. Wallrock collapses and explosions are visible as the lake drained. An explosion on 9 May terminated the thermal camera’s image stream.