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Structural basis of second-generation HIV integrase inhibitor action and viral resistance

Nicola J. Cook, Wen Li, Dénes Berta, Magd Badaoui, Allison Ballandras-Colas, Andrea Nans, Abhay Kotecha, Edina Rosta, Alan N. Engelman, Peter Cherepanov

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Movie S1
Atomic model of BIC-bound SIVrcm intasome fitted into the experimental cryo-EM density. Labelling indicates IN and vDNA residues, as well as bound Mg2+ ions and waters (turquoise and red spheres, respectively). Additional solute density was tentatively modelled as a chloride ion (chartreuse sphere).
Correction (13 February 2020): In this version, typographical errors have been fixed, and the results of statistical tests of drug potencies against viruses have been added.
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