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Color, composition, and thermal environment of Kuiper Belt object (486958) Arrokoth

W. M. Grundy, M. K. Bird, D. T. Britt, J. C. Cook, D. P. Cruikshank, C. J. A. Howett, S. Krijt, I. R. Linscott, C. B. Olkin, A. H. Parker, S. Protopapa, M. Ruaud, O. M. Umurhan, L. A. Young, C. M. Dalle Ore, J. J. Kavelaars, J. T. Keane, Y. J. Pendleton, S. B. Porter, F. Scipioni, J. R. Spencer, S. A. Stern, A. J. Verbiscer, H. A. Weaver, R. P. Binzel, M. W. Buie, B. J. Buratti, A. Cheng, A. M. Earle, H. A. Elliott, L. Gabasova, G. R. Gladstone, M. E. Hill, M. Horanyi, D. E. Jennings, A. W. Lunsford, D. J. McComas, W. B. McKinnon, R. L. McNutt Jr., J. M. Moore, J. W. Parker, E. Quirico, D. C. Reuter, P. M. Schenk, B. Schmitt, M. R. Showalter, K. N. Singer, G. E. Weigle II, A. M. Zangari

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Data S1
A low facet count version of the Arrokoth shape model (3) used in our themal models is provided as an ASCII file consisting of 1,039 lines representing vertices starting with the character v, followed by 1,962 lines representing facets starting with the character f. Each vertex line has three white-space separated floating point values representing x, y, z coordinates in units of km. The axes are aligned with the shape�s principal axes of inertia and the origin corresponds to the center of mass assuming a uniform internal density. Each facet line has three white-space separated integers specifying three vertices to define the corners of that triangular facet, in order such that the right hand rule points in the direction of the exterior of the shape. The index of the first vertex line is 1 and the last is 1,039.