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Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV2)

Ruiyun Li, Sen Pei, Bin Chen, Yimeng Song, Tao Zhang, Wan Yang, Jeffrey Shaman

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Data S1
MDAR Reproducibility Checklist
Correction (25 March 2020): Li et al. have identified an error in the code in lines 44 to 49 of SEIR.m and in equation 4 of the supplementary materials. This produces a very small error in the denominator population size in some of the model terms. The authors have rerun the model and find that the parameter estimates are almost identical and the conclusions are unchanged. Corrections have been made in Tables 1 and 2, the supplementary materials (including tables S1 and S3), and the code.
The original PDF is accessible here and the original Data file is accessible here.