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Ethics of controlled human infection to study COVID-19

Seema K. Shah, Franklin G. Miller, Thomas C. Darton, Devan Duenas, Claudia Emerson, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Euzebiusz Jamrozik, Nancy S. Jecker, Dorcas Kamuya, Melissa Kapulu, Jonathan Kimmelman, Douglas MacKay, Matthew J. Memoli, Sean C. Murphy, Ricardo Palacios, Thomas L. Richie, Meta Roestenberg, Abha Saxena, Katherine Saylor, Michael J. Selgelid, Vina Vaswani, Annette Rid

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  • Table S1
Correction (21 May 2020): A prior version of table S1 has been corrected for three errors: (i) The estimated mortality risk of influenza controlled human infection studies (CHIs) was corrected from <0.01% to 0.0018% because of an error of transcription; (ii) the estimated mortality risk for phase 1 trials with healthy individuals was corrected from 0.003% to <0.014% because a better source was identified; and (iii) the estimated mortality risk of a riskier car trip was corrected from 0.2% to 0.0002% because of a miscalculation related to mistyping the equation. The revised table also includes two updates to improve the value of the information provided; specifically, age ranges were added for risk estimates and where existing data include individuals with preexisting conditions, it has been indicated that these are likely to be upper estimates, as research studies would only include healthy individuals. These changes to the table did not implicate any numbers included in the main text, nor do they affect the ethical analysis therein.
The original version is accessible here.