Supplementary Materials

Simultaneous observation of nuclear and electronic dynamics by ultrafast electron diffraction

Jie Yang, Xiaolei Zhu, J. Pedro F. Nunes, Jimmy K. Yu, Robert M. Parrish, Thomas J. A. Wolf, Martin Centurion, Markus Gühr, Renkai Li, Yusong Liu, Bryan Moore, Mario Niebuhr, Suji Park, Xiaozhe Shen, Stephen Weathersby, Thomas Weinacht, Todd J. Martinez, Xijie Wang

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Movie S1
The top left movie shows the change of nuclear geometry between 300 and 500 fs. The top right movie shows additionally the change of electron density (red: increase, blue: decrease) in comparison to the initial ground state. The bottom plot shows the temporal evolution of energies of 3 lowest singlets and 4 lowest triplets for one representative trajectory in the first 500 fs. The moving black dot in the bottom plot shows the energy evolution of the system, corresponds to the top movies. The trajectory is picked because it has a relative quick and clean S1/S0 internal conversion.