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Human CNS barrier-forming organoids with cerebrospinal fluid production

Laura Pellegrini, Claudia Bonfio, Jessica Chadwick, Farida Begum, Mark Skehel, Madeline A. Lancaster

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Data S1
Mass spectrometry data of the ChP organoid secretome. emPAI value for each protein detected.
Data S2
Proteins detected in ChP organoids compared with human embryonic, pediatric, and adult CSF. Human Carnegie Stage 20 data from Zappaterra et al. (49), pediatric human CSF (48) and adult human CSF (47) compared with proteins detected in at least 2 organoids.
Data S3
Overlap between transcripts differentially upregulated in ChP organoid subclusters and proteins abundantly detected in iCSF.
Correction (9 July 2020):The caption for table S5 and reference 47 were updated. An additional reference (ref. 98) was added to the supplementary materials references (this reference originally appeared as ref. 47).
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