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A physics-based method that can predict imminent large solar flares

Kanya Kusano, Tomoya Iju, Yumi Bamba, Satoshi Inoue

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Movie S1
The evolution of the critical parameters before and afterthe large flares in AR 12673. Left: Animated scatter plots of Er and rc for AR 12673 (as in Fig. 2C-D). Vertical dashed and dot-dashed lines are same as in Fig. 2C and D. Data points in the parameterrange rc<1 Mm and Er>4Ă—1031 erg are colored red. The dashed curve represents the self-similar scaling, as in Fig. 4. Right: The time evolution of soft X-ray energy flux observed by GOES 13 (31) and the minimum rc for Er>1032 erg, as Fig. 2A and B. The animated red vertical line corresponds to the time of each frame.