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Human NLRP1 is a sensor for double-stranded RNA

Stefan Bauernfried, Matthias J. Scherr, Andreas Pichlmair, Karl E. Duderstadt, Veit Hornung

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Movie S1
Wildtype cells – ctrl. treatment
Movie S2
Wildtype cells – VbP treatment
Movie S3
Wildtype cells – Lipo treatment
Movie S4
Wildtype cells – poly(I:C) treatment
Movie S5
Wildtype cells – IVT4 treatment
Movie S6
Wildtype cells – SFV infection
Movie S7
NLRP1-deficient cells – ctrl. treatment
Movie S8
NLRP1-deficient cells – VbP treatment
Movie S9
NLRP1-deficient cells – Lipo treatment
Movie S10
NLRP1-deficient cells – poly(I:C) treatment
Movie S11
NLRP1-deficient cells – IVT4 treatment
Movie S12
NLRP1-deficient cells – SFV infection