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Postnatal connectomic development of inhibition in mouse barrel cortex

Anjali Gour, Kevin M. Boergens, Natalie Heike, Yunfeng Hua, Philip Laserstein, Kun Song, Moritz Helmstaedter

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Data S1
Synapse Galleries: Representative examples of synapses made onto soma, dendritic spines and dendritic shafts from datasets obtained at P7, P9 and P14. Criteria for identification of synapses were derived from (38, 44, 45, 47) Sequence of EM images at 30 nm cutting thickness (presynaptic axon, 1; postsynaptic partner, 2). Note that the number of presynaptic vesicles increases with age, and PSDs appear more distinct. Scale bar, 1 μm.

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Movie S1
Illustration of target analysis for axons over postnatal development.
Correction (27 January 2021): An unintentional plotting error in fig. S3, which does not affect results, has been corrected.
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