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A ubiquitous tire rubber–derived chemical induces acute mortality in coho salmon

Zhenyu Tian, Haoqi Zhao, Katherine T. Peter, Melissa Gonzalez, Jill Wetzel, Christopher Wu, Ximin Hu, Jasmine Prat, Emma Mudrock, Rachel Hettinger, Allan E. Cortina, Rajshree Ghosh Biswas, Flávio Vinicius Crizóstomo Kock, Ronald Soong, Amy Jenne, Bowen Du, Fan Hou, Huan He, Rachel Lundeen, Alicia Gilbreath, Rebecca Sutton, Nathaniel L. Scholz, Jay W. Davis, Michael C. Dodd, Andre Simpson, Jenifer K. McIntyre, Edward P. Kolodziej

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Data File S1
Record of the juvenile coho salmon exposure experiments. Number of tanks and coho salmon used, mortality results, and treatment information are included in the table.

Images, Video, and Other Media

Movie S1
Field video of an adult male coho salmon showing symptoms of URMS. The video was taken at Miller Creek, Burien, WA, USA on Oct 30, 2018.
Movie S2
Video of a symptomatic juvenile coho salmon exposed to tire-derived 6PPD-quinone (~20 �g/L, purified by sequential HPLC fractionation). The exposure time was ~3 hours, and in the same tank three other coho had already died.