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Structural basis for antibody inhibition of flavivirus NS1–triggered endothelial dysfunction

Scott B. Biering, David L. Akey, Marcus P. Wong, W. Clay Brown, Nicholas T. N. Lo, Henry Puerta-Guardo, Francielle Tramontini Gomes de Sousa, Chunling Wang, Jamie R. Konwerski, Diego A. Espinosa, Nicholas J. Bockhaus, Dustin R. Glasner, Jeffrey Li, Sophie F. Blanc, Evan Y. Juan, Stephen J. Elledge, Michael J. Mina, P. Robert Beatty, Janet L. Smith, Eva Harris

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Movie S1
Membrane association of NS1 and steric hindrance by anti-NS1 monoclonal antibody 2B7 (related to figure 4). The NS1 dimer (dark and light green surface) associates with membranes via hydrophobic patches (yellow) in the β-roll domain and the wing domain WWG motif. Binding of mAb 2B7 or its Fab fragment (dark and light blue ribbon) at the ends of the NS1 β-ladder creates a steric block to NS1 membrane association.