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Human impacts on global freshwater fish biodiversity

Guohuan Su, Maxime Logez, Jun Xu, Shengli Tao, Sébastien Villéger, Sébastien Brosse

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Table S2
Species extirpations/extinctions and introductions in each of the 2456 river basins.
Table S3
The changes in the six diversity indices and the index of cumulative change in biodiversity facets for the fish faunas in 2,456 basins. δTR: change in taxonomic richness; δFR: change in functional richness; δPR: change in phylogenetic richness; δTD: change in taxonomic dissimilarity; δFD: change in functional dissimilarity; δPD: change in phylogenetic dissimilarity; CCBF: index of cumulative change in biodiversity facets.