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Shulin packages axonemal outer dynein arms for ciliary targeting

Girish R. Mali, Ferdos Abid Ali, Clinton K. Lau, Farida Begum, Jérôme Boulanger, Jonathan D. Howe, Zhuo A. Chen, Juri Rappsilber, Mark Skehel, Andrew P. Carter

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Movie S1
Representative movie used for calculating cilia beat frequency showing slow moving cilia in Q22YU3Δ, Q22MS1Δ and ODA temperature sensitive (ts) mutant (OAD1C11) compared to a wildtype cell which has fast-moving cilia.
Movie S2
Movie depicting the model of ODA bound by Shulin (green). Subunits are listed and contacts made by Shulin with the various ODA subunits are shown as green spheres.