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Diversity and functional landscapes in the microbiota of animals in the wild

Doron Levin, Neta Raab, Yishay Pinto, Daphna Rothschild, Gal Zanir, Anastasia Godneva, Nadav Mellul, David Futorian, Doran Gal, Sigal Leviatan, David Zeevi, Ido Bachelet, Eran Segal

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MDAR Reproducibility Checklist
Table S1
All samples and corresponding information about collection location, species and sequencing QC data.
Table S2
All reported rSGBs a corresponding BAT annotation and the maximal ANI score to the reference database.
Table S3
Effect size of microbial rank per trait and host order for wild Aves and Mammals.
Table S4
All reference datasets.
Table S5
All the hand-curated species-specific traits.
Table S6
Traits of particular interest.
Table S7
Screened toxin peptides and corresponding PDB ID.