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Designed proteins assemble antibodies into modular nanocages

Robby Divine, Ha V. Dang, George Ueda, Jorge A. Fallas, Ivan Vulovic, William Sheffler, Shally Saini, Yan Ting Zhao, Infencia Xavier Raj, Peter A. Morawski, Madeleine F. Jennewein, Leah J. Homad, Yu-Hsin Wan, Marti R. Tooley, Franziska Seeger, Ali Etemadi, Mitchell L. Fahning, James Lazarovits, Alex Roederer, Alexandra C. Walls, Lance Stewart, Mohammadali Mazloomi, Neil P. King, Daniel J. Campbell, Andrew T. McGuire, Leonidas Stamatatos, Hannele Ruohola-Baker, Julie Mathieu, David Veesler, David Baker

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Tables S7 and S9
Data S6
Full EM micrographs used in Fig. 2 and Fig. S5 to show the entire field of particles from the representative micrographs chosen.