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Widespread reforestation before European influence on Amazonia

M. B. Bush*, M. N. Nascimento, C. M. Åkesson, G. M. Cárdenes-Sandí, S. Y. Maezumi, H. Behling, A. Correa-Metrio, W. Church, S. N. Huisman, T. Kelly, F. E. Mayle, C. N. H. McMichael

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Data S1
Database S1 contains the data on the site characteristics, pollen, and charcoal data used in this analysis. Table 1 contains all of the metadata on the sites and references to original publications. Table 2-3 contains the percentages in forest pollen change compared with the previous samples (for 5% and 10%) thresholds. The remaining tables contain the charcoal and pollen data for the nine high-resolution sites used in the analysis.