Supplementary Materials

Stepwise pathogenic evolution of Mycobacterium abscessus

Josephine M. Bryant, Karen P. Brown, Sophie Burbaud, Isobel Everall, Juan M. Belardinelli, Daniela Rodriguez-Rincon, Dorothy M. Grogono, Chelsea M. Peterson, Deepshikha Verma, Ieuan E. Evans, Christopher Ruis, Aaron Weimann, Divya Arora, Sony Malhotra, Bridget Bannerman, Charlotte Passemar, Kerra Templeton, Gordon MacGregor, Kasim Jiwa, Andrew J. Fisher, Tom L. Blundell, Diane J. Ordway, Mary Jackson, Julian Parkhill, R. Andres Floto

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  • Figs. S1 to S12
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Table S1
Gene gain/loss events in M. abscessus DCCs
Table S2
Differentially expressed genes between control and dpnM knockout strains
Table S3
Mycobacterial genomes used in graphical pangenome analysis
Table S4
Gene gain/loss events in Cluster 1a within , M. avium, Clone A within M. canettii, and MTBC within M. canettii-like ancestor.
Table S5
Details of longitudinal samples from chronically M. abscessus-infected patients