Supplementary Materials

Wafer-scale heterostructured piezoelectric bio-organic thin films

Fan Yang, Jun Li, Yin Long, Ziyi Zhang, Linfeng Wang, Jiajie Sui, Yutao Dong, Yizhan Wang, Rachel Taylor, Dalong Ni, Weibo Cai, Ping Wang, Timothy Hacker, Xudong Wang

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Images, Video, and Other Media

Movie S1
The growth process of a glycine-PVA film over wafer-scale. The liquid film on substrate was placed in a convection oven at 60 °C, and the evaporation duration lasted for 23 minutes. The recorded process was accelerated into a 21-second movie.
Movie S2
Flexibility demonstration of the glycine-PVA film. The glycine-PVA film with diameter of ~70mm was gently bended three times to reveal its flexibility.
Movie S3
The nucleation and growth process of glycine near the edge area. Glycine nucleated at the top inner surface near the liquid edge, where water evaporated the fastest due to the positive surface curvature, and then quickly grew into the concentrated liquid confined in between the PVA layers.
Movie S4
Real-time voltage output for the device implanted under the skin of rat's leg when the leg was gently stretched at a frequency of ~1 Hz. A device with a size of 5 × 10 mm2 was implanted under the skin in the rat thigh. The embedded device produced a piezoelectric signal.