Table 1

Summary of assays used to evaluate blood samples from CFS patients in P2. Information about the CFS patients is provided in table S1. Two subjects were studied twice within a 3-month period (table S1) and gave the same results.

AssayPercent XMRV-positive
PCR analysis of PBMC-derived DNA0 (0/31)
RT-PCR analysis of patient plasma0 (0/31)
PBMC culture fluids*0 (0/19)
Reverse transcriptase assay of supernatants from mink lung cells passaged after PBMC coculture*0 (0/30)†

*Infectious virus assay: Fluids were tested for infectious virus production by reverse transcriptase and the mink S+L– cell assays (see text) (17).

†Insufficient cells were available for these studies from subject no. 24.