Table 1.

The L (2S) enantiomeric excesses (ee) determined for 2-a-2,3-dmpa extracted from the Murchison meteorite. The corrected enantiomeric excesses were calculated as (∣L − D∣)/(L + D) × 100 = ∣%L − %D∣. Analysis 1: Acid-hydrolyzed meteorite extract; N-PFP-iPr esters (iPr, isopropyl) run on Chirasil-L-Val. Analysis 2: Unhydrolyzed meteorite extract; N-PFP-iPr esters run on Chirasil-L-Val. Analysis 3: Unhydrolyzed meteorite extract; N-TFA-iPr esters run on Chirasil-D-Val. Analyses 4 and 5 represent the results of control experiments in which the unresolved 2-a-2,3-dmpa standard was added back to the previously extracted Murchison powder and then extracted and analyzed exactly as had been done with the indigenous amino acids. Confidence is based on Student's t test (13). Not sig., not significant.

AnalysisSampleStandardConfidenceCorr. ee (%)
L (%)σnee (%)L (%)σnee (%)
l(2S,3S) entantiomers
450.10.770.250.60.5181.2Not sig.−1.0
550.30.7160.650.60.5181.2Not sig.−0.6
l(2S,3R) enantiomers
449.70.97−0.649.80.918−0.4Not sig.−0.2
549.70.916−0.649.80.918−0.4Not sig.−0.2