Table 1.

Summary of PTEN mutations in tumor cell lines and primary tumors.

Tumor sampleTissue of originCodonMutation*Predicted effect
LNCaPProstate6AAA to AFrameshift
534TGlioblastoma15AGA to AGAGAFrameshift
U87MGGlioblastoma5449 bp deletionFrameshift
MDA-MB-468Breast7044 bp deletionFrameshift
132TGlioblastoma129GGA to AGAGly to Arg
DU145Prostate134ATG to TTGMet to Leu
U373MGGlioblastoma241TTT to TTT TTFrameshift
BT549Breast274Embedded Image AAT to Embedded Image ATStop
DBTRG-05MGGlioblastoma274-342Delete 204 bpIn-frame deletion
134TGlioblastoma3374 bp deletionFrameshift
  • * Mutations are indicated in the sense orientation.

  • † Primary tumors. All other samples are tumor cell lines. The mutations in the primary tumors were not found in matched blood DNA.

  • † DBTRG-05MG has a genomic deletion of 180 bp within exon ET-1, which includes the splice donor site. Because of this deletion, the transcript contains an in-frame deletion of codons 274 to 342.