Experiment in ProgressLocationDetector Type
BaksanPrielbrusye, RussiaGe ionization
Canfranc-NaICanfranc, SpainNaI scintillator
COSMECanfranc, SpainGe ionization
DAMAGran Sasso, ItalyNaI scintillator, liquid Xe scintillator, CaF2 scintillator
DEMOSSierra Grande, ArgentinaGe ionization
MilanGran Sasso, ItalyCryogenic TeO2 bolometer
UKDMCBoulby mine, U.K.NaI scintillator
CDMSStanford, U.S.Cryogenic Ge/Si bolometer with ionization
CRESSTGran Sasso, ItalyCryogenic sapphire bolometer
EDELWEISSFréjus, FranceCryogenic Ge bolometer with ionization
ELEGANT VIOto cosmo obs, JapanCaF2 scintillator
TokyoNokogiri-yama, JapanCryogenic LiF bolometer
Under Construction
HDMSHeidelberg, GermanyGe ionization
PICASSOMontreal, CanadaSuperheated Freon droplets
ORPHEUSBern, SwitzerlandSuperconducting transition in tin granules
ROSEBUDCanfranc, SpainCryogenic sapphire bolometer
SALOPARDCanfranc, SpainSuperconducting transition in tin granules
SIMPLEParisSuperheated Freon droplets
UKDMCBoulby mine, U.K.Liquid Xe scintillator
  • NOTE: This list does not claim to be definitive. Several significant experiments that have run to completion have been omitted. The listed experiments differ widely in their ability to distinguish background radiation, in their sensitivity, and in their potential for detecting WIMPs.