Table 1

Effects of UAS-tra expression on 4-day-old males. For the production of pheromones, the percentage of 7-tricosene (%7-T), 7-pentacosene (%7-P), and 7,11-dienes (%7,11-heptacosadiene and %7,11-nonacosadiene pooled) were calculated from the total quantities of cuticular hydrocarbons (ΣHc). 7,11-Dienes were pooled because their respective contributions were approximately the same in all strains. Percentages (mean ± SE) were obtained by gas chromatography of extracts from 20 individual flies (21). Amounts of cis-vaccenyl acetate (cVA) were estimated from ΣHc: (++) male-like, (+) reduced, (0) absence. For behavioral tests, PGAL4 UAS-tra males were examined both as objects with courting males of the 55B-GAL4 strain and as subjects with Canton-S (Cs) male or with shibire (shi) female objects (34). All flies were 4 days old, and the target flies were decapitated before the 10-min experiment. Decapitation prevents reciprocal courtship and allows measurement of unidirectional behavior. The percentage of courting males only includes males that courted for more than 20 s. The courtship index is the mean fraction of time (±SE in parentheses) spent actively courting by all males (wing vibration, licking, and attempt to copulate) (8), with at least 20 trials per strain.

Strain Sex pheromonesInduce courtship of control males (55B-GAL4)Court Males Females (Cs) (shi)
7-T (%)7-P (%)7,11-dienes (%)ΣHc (ng)cVA  (level)(n)%IndexIndex
Wild-type female3.37.040.617880(20)950.54
(Cs strain)(0.3)(0.6)(2.1)(119)(0.04)
Wild-type male41.411.901423(++)(25)
(Cs strain)(1.6)(0.8)(92)(0.01)(0.01)(0.03)
A-tra 2.86.444.018630(20)850.610.310.57
B-tra 7.69.625.613280(25)960.480.190.40
C-tra 4.36.440.51468(+)(20)800.420.040.54
D-tra 3.85.540.51463(+)(20)600.280.010.42
E-tra 4.54.737.21402(++)(20)400.250.010.63
F-tra 29.133.101974(++)(25)
G-tra 31.230.802206(+)(20)