Table 3

Transcripts decreased in CR cancer. The 20 transcripts displaying the largest decrease in expression in CR cancers (in vivo and in vitro) are listed by fold reduction. The tag sequence represents the 10–base pair SAGE tag, and SAGE UID is the human SAGE tag identifier. Probable GenBank matches are listed and those in boldface were confirmed by Northern blot analysis or by cloning and sequence analysis. Fold changes in expression were calculated as described in Fig. 1. TU, colon tumors; CL, colon cell lines; NC, normal colon. Tables of all 548 differentially expressed genes are available on the Internet at;molgen-g/home.htm.

Tag sequenceSAGE UIDNC/ TUTUCLNCGenBank match (accession number)
GACCAGTGGCH545514451045No match
ATTTCAAGATH259108371037 Carbonic anhydrase II (M36532)
GTCATCACCAH740629340034Uroguanylin (U34279)
CTTATGGTCCH511670341034No match
TGGAAAGTGAH950457341134 Human cellular oncogene c-fos (V01512)
CCTTCAAATCH390158311031 Carbonic anhydrase I (M33987)
TCGGAGCTGTH893564301430EST 261490 (H98618)
GTCTGGGGGAH752297291329 EST 81394 (T60135)
GATCCCAACTH578824271127Metallothionein from cadmium-treated cells (V00594)
CTTAGAGGGGH510123271527No match
ATGATGGCACH233106260226No match
CCTGTCTGCCH388582241224EST 122594 5′ (T99568)
CTGGCAAAGGH500747230023No match
CTTGACATACH516402220022 Homo sapiens CL100 mRNA for protein tyrosine phosphatase (X68277)
GGAAGAGCACH657554211121 Gal-β (1-3/1-4)GlcNAc α-2.3-sialyltransferase (X74570)
TCTGAATTATH909556211121Transmembrane carcinoembryonic antigen BGPb (X14831)
TAAATTGCAAH7904171961113Cytokeratin 20 (X73502)
GTGGGGGCGCH764570181118EST 153570 5′ (R48529)
ATGGTGGGGGH241323182636 Homo sapiens zinc finger transcriptional regulator mRNA (M92843)
TCACCGGTCAH8577811777122Human mRNA for plasma gelsolin (X04412)