Table 4

Transcripts increased in CR cancer. The 20 transcripts displaying the greatest increase in CR cancers (in vivo and in vitro) are listed by fold induction. Conditions are as described in Table 3.

Tag sequenceSAGE UIDTU/NCTUCLNCGenBank match (accession number)
CTTGGGTTTTH5189127373420 Insulin-like growth factor II splice form 1 (IGFII) (X07868)
TACAAAATCGH8028714242200 Insulin-like growth factor II splice form 2 (IGFII) (X07868)
GTGTGTTTGTH7690202424150 TGF-β-induced gene Beta-igh3 (M77349)
AAAAGAAACTH20561616271 Human mRNA for poly(A) binding protein (Y00345)
TGCTGCCTGTH9486041515161 H. sapiens HCG IV mRNA (X81005)
CTGATGGCAGH4952511414150 EST 324128 3′ (W46476)
GCCCAAGGACH6104661212190 Human mRNA for actin-binding protein (filamin) (X53416)
ACTCGCTCTGH1213111212160EST 342926 3′ (W67797)
ATCTTGTTACH2291061111280Human mRNA for fibronectin (FN precursor) (X02761)
AAGCTGCTGGH405711010170Isoform 1 gene for L-type calcium channel, exons 41 and 41A (Z26305)
TGAAATAAAAH918273918372HumanhB23 gene for B23 nucleophosmin (X16934)
TTATGGGATCH998030855787 Human MHC protein homologous to chicken B complex (M24194)
CAATAAATGTH274492760739 Human mRNA for ribosomal protein L37 (D23661)
CTCCTCACCTH4825846724112HumanBak mRNA, complete cds (U16811)
ACTGGGTCTAH125661629255 H. sapiens RNA for nm23-H2 gene (X58965)
CTGTTGATTGH507455544549 Human liver mRNA fragment DNA binding protein UPI (X04347)
TTCAATAAAAH100019355615412 Human acidic ribosomal phosphoprotein P1 mRNA (M17886)
AAGAAGATAGH33331439699Human ribosomal protein L23a mRNA, partial cds (U02032)
CTGGGTTAATH502724411516029 H. sapiens S19 ribosomal protein mRNA, completed (M81757)
CTGTTGGTGAH50757746511617Human homolog of yeast ribosomal protein S28 (D14530)